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The main markets are Russia, countries in Middle Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Austria) and countries in South Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia). Due to inconveniences with the Russian market (the fall of the ruble, war with Ukraine) we are trying to reach German and Dutch market. We mainly do volume transportation with 120m3 vehicles. We can load the goods to the height of 3 metres. We also possess some semi-trailers for heavy goods transportation (iron and granules). The added value to the company are two compositions with special trailers for truck transportation and transportation of other machines. We also have a van for transportaion to the weight of 1500 kg (15m3) in Slovenia and neighbouring countries. Total fleet is around 50 vehicles.

Truck servicing

We are specialized in repairs of Volvo trucks, although we do repairs of other vehicles and trailers. We have a truck wash for our vehicles and we offer it to other users. We also do paintwork repairs on the truck bodies.

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