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About the company

Transporti Jožef Miklavc s. p. is a family company, which has been managed by the founder and his wife since 1989. The company headquarters is in industrial zone in Nazarje, with enough space for parking the vehicles and service area. Their transportation destinations are mainly Russia and countries in Middle and South Europe.

In 1989 Jožef Miklavc came to a decision to establish his own road transportation company. He was a qualified car mechanic, working as a truck driver for company Viator&Vektor. He bought his first truck in this year. His wish to have a transportation company was a result of the family tradition, since his father was a truck driver as well. As a very ambitios young man he managed to start his own business.

In 2000 the company started to spread and their fleet was 12 trucks, which was the reason that Jožef's wife Irena joined the company.

In 2005 the mechanical service area and additional warehouse facilities were built. Year 2007 was the second phase of the company's growth. The number of trucks was then 40. Four new office workers were employed in the same year. The managing team are: director, four traffic officers and two economists. In 2008 two new facilities were finished, one for the headquarters , mechanical service area and car wash and the second for hiring. Having opened new mechanical service area, they employed people for service and car repair activities.

The fleet now consists of 45 trucks, mainly of jumbo sidecars and some truck tractors. The basic activity of the company is still road transportation, but we are offering some other services, namely truck repair, truck sale and hiring of our facilities.

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